2 weeks in Tuscany - suggestions

anthony a

New member
Hi, we are planning a trip to Italy (specifically in Tuscany) in September 2023 and would like some suggestions. We would like to stay in a villa or standalone house, preferably outside of a main city but well served by public transport. We don't want to hire a vehicle (unless we have to). We are looking for a location that would serve all the major cities and towns in the area. Are there any towns that you would recommend that have good PT and not overly busy? We may stay an extra week too as this really is a relaxation holiday rather than a quick rush around and see everything type of holiday :)

Places we'd like to visit - Florence, Pisa, Siena, Chianti, Cinqueterre. Any other areas we should visit/add to our itinerary. We have visited some of these places before but that was with children and I would like to see them again without their constant complaints.

Also, back to my mention of a villa, the more I look at Booking.com etc all I really see are rooms within houses rather than a whole "villa" is my understanding of what a villa is out of touch with what is actually available to rent? We are looking for something in the range of 700-1000 euros a week (which equates to $1000 - $1500 AUD).