2018 evoo


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Last night I was at a dinner and someone brought their first pressing of central Tuscan EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Despite (??) a miserable summer but a better autumn the quality was astounding and the vivid green colour was spectacular. The only thing missing was some Tuscan bread to sop it up. Being very recently pressed (apart from the colour) the oil was, as the French would say, pétillant which would translate in culinary terms to slightly fizzy or perhaps like sherbet on the tongue. Truly memorable.

Obviously throughout the year the oil loses its initial colour as well as the initial tastes experienced when just pressed. But a little secret - if you want to experience this taste year round pop a few bottles in the freezer. This will halt the degradation process - perhaps when defrosted it will not win prizes but you will be able to have a super taste even in mid-summer.