3 days (and a half) in Florence in early fall


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Hi Lourdes !!

First, I wanted to thank you and all your fellow writers. I spent numerous hours reading visitflorence those past weeks and you were such a huge help. Please forgive me in advance... english is definitely not my mother language (as you may have already noticed) and it might be a bit rusty.
So, my wife and I are going to have a trip in Tuscany next September and I would love some advices from experts... if you have some time (I suspect this post not gonna be short !! lol)

Here we go...

Sep 21 : Coming from France by car (it's a 6-hour drive from home). Should be ready to explore Firenze mid-afternoon. Our flat is located 3 yards away from Medici Chapels. We have Firenze Card.
Visits of the day : Cathedral if line is not (too) long around 4 PM then Baptistery. Some time around Piazza del Duomo and I think we will be ready for an easy night.

Sep 22 : Uffizi first thing - let's say 8.15 to 10.45 AM then some exploration on our way back up - I thought about making a stop at Davanzati in order to book the tour for 2 days later (unless booking in advance is unnecessary ?)
Medici Chapels then we go back to our flat for some lunch and rest.
In the afternoon, I thought about visiting Museo dell'Opera del Duomo then going up to Piazzale Michelangelo (bus) for San Miniato and the sunset.

Sep 23 : Accademia first thing (around 1 hour right ?) then Museo de San Marco. On our way back down to our flat, maybe a stop at Medici Riccardi so that we can admire the "Magi" frescoe.
Lunch and rest at our flat.
In the afternoon, Chiesa OrsanMichele then Museo del Bargello. Some time exploring around, Ponte Vecchio then Palazzo Vecchio in the evening (I thought it might be less crowded at that time)

Sep 24 : Palazzo Davanzati then let's go Oltrarno.
Palazzo Pitti (Palatine Gallery and Royal Apartments) then Boboli Garden (I thought about finding some discrete spot for a picnic)
Bardini Garden then bus to Santa Maria Novella
Rest at the flat then dinner Mercato Centrale (any recommendations ?)

Sep 25 : We take our car back then Villa Petraia. After that, we will be ready for leaving Florence and exploring Tuscany for 8 additionnal days (don't worry, I won't bother you with that... unless you insist LOL)

So what do you think ? Any inputs will be greatly appreciated :) and thanks for reading me... Have a nice day !


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Museums in Florence


WOW - you might just find yourself on museum/church overload by the end of these three days.

You are definitely cover the main places - though museums like the Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti can take a good chunk of your time if you allow yourself to wander...the last time I was at both I spent double the time I expected too.

You might enjoy a variation of the “do-it-yourself” visits by signing up for a tour or two which will highlight some special aspect (like the secret passageways tour at Palazzo Vecchio, I just did this one and even if it is advertised for kids...we were all adults, only 4 €) It would mean instead of wandering around on your own, which can get a bit tiring, you can have someone lend you their expertise.

Another good tour to sign up for is the Terrace Tour at the Duomo (which also gives you entrance in the museum, baptistery and bell tower)

If you find yourself overwhelmed, then you can drop visiting the inside of everything, and sometimes just appreciate the architecture (Orsanmichel, Davanzati - which I love by the way - instead of going into the Medici Riccardi, just visit the new free opening)

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise


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Yes I know that I need to fight against my italian art addict attitude !! LOL

Concerning taking things easier, I thought that, maybe, I could skip Accademia. Two reasons for that choice : we have a "Davide" copy in my hometown and I've seen it since my early childhood so maybe the "WOW" factor won't be as it is for other visitors... and Bargello being part of my plans, I will still have the opportunity to enjoy some Michelangelo masterpieces.

What do you think ?

Concerning Uffizi and Pitti, I planned to stay for 2 1/2 hours in both. Enough time ?

Thanks !!


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skipping David

You probably can skip David (though he is pretty impressive when seen live)

I would actually plan on more like 3 hours for the museums...and if you have time left over then you ahead of the game. Bargello and the Museo d'Opera Duomo are fantastic (especially since they have redone the Duomo Museum) I wouldn't skimp on either of them...perhaps I am less a fan of the Museum for San Marco...personal preference.

Let me know if you have any other questions...

Donna Denise