3 Days in Florence -- OVER EASTER 2018


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We are travelling to Florence and will be in town for Easter 2018. Having a hard time figuring out what may be open Sun/Mon - some say everything closed, some say things open (that are normally closed Sun and Mon). Help please. Suggested itineraries that capture Florence as well as celebrating such a wonderful holiday.


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Florence is wonderful at Easter


It is great that you are already beginning to look around for things to see and do at Easter time.

However, don't make any plans just yet! Though there are some days that museums, monuments etc are ALWAYS closed, other holidays sometimes seem to be a hit or miss (one year yes - and the next, who knows). We update our calendars as soon as the official word gets out but, much to our dismay, the official word usually doesn't come out until a week or two before the event.

This year will be particularlly interesting to see how things work since the holiday is on the 1st of April - which is the first Sunday of the month (when there are free entrances to many museums.)

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Buon Viaggio,

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Restaurants/Shops on Easter Sunday/Monday 2018


My husband and I are also arriving in Florence on Easter Sunday afternoon, April 1. Since we are traveling from the US and will not be able to shop on Saturday, I am concerned about finding meals/food for Easter Sunday and Monday. Is there a list of restaurants or shops that will be open? Is there a way to make reservations in advance?

Thank you for any help and advice you can give!