3 days in Greve in Chianti


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I have a few questions. My husband and myself will be driving from Sorrento to Grieve in Chianti in April.
1. Are there any particular roads to follow or not to follow?
2. What places should we not miss to look at on the way.
3. Once we arrive in Chianti What are must sees and how long should we spend at each place. We have 3 full days before driving to Florence and then CT.
We would like to do a wineries tour for half day maybe that was scenic and maybe included lunch. There just seem so many to choose from.

many thanks


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There ARE a lot of wineries to choose from, you won't be lacking choice!

As for the drive, I don't have any particular roads to recommend outside of Tuscany but once you're in the region, you could just follow what your GPS says -- all roads leading there are pretty scenic. You will drive around these same roads over the next 3 days so you won't be missing any if you choose to drive to Greve taking the fastest recommended route.

Once you're in Greve, you definitely need to see Greve and Montefioralle which is right above Greve, then drive around and see Panzano in Chianti, Castellina in Chianti - take the road to San Donato in Poggio as it is very scenic, as well as from Castellina towards Monteriggioni/Staggia. Visit Gaiole in Chianti, there are many vineyards around the town at castle estates so here you can definitely choose any of the wineries to visit for a visit..... although, if you want to drink and enjoy, then don't drive yourself.

I'd recommend joining a tour so that you're driven around and not have to worry about it yourself. Also consider a private tour where you have your own driver.

Here are some ideas for some tours which depart from Greve or Radda and not from Florence or Siena:




Here a more general list of all tours, even those starting from Florence: