3 days in Tuscany, arriving from Naples by train


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Ciao! My husband and I will be spending 3 days in Tuscany, and we want to maximize our time there! We have already been to Florence and Pisa! Where would you recommend we stay to get the most out of our time there? We will be there May 2, 2020 through May 5, 2020! Grazie!!!


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If you don't want to visit or stay in Florence during your stay, I highly recommend basing your time in Tuscany in Siena!
Aside from a full day spent there exploring the city - the civic hall and tower merit a visit, as well as the Duomo, minimum ;-), you can then consider a day trip on your own or with trains or with a guided tour.

If you can rent a car to explore Chianti, San Gimignano or to the south, the Val d'Orcia area, you have more things you can do with the 2 days (they will pass so quickly!)

Otherwise you can use train for other day trips from Siena - check this post out:

If you want to head into Chianti, there are no trains and bus service can be limited, so a tour is definitely easier way to explore the area:
http://tours.discovertuscany.com/en/8357/search/chianti from siena