3 days in Tuscany


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Hello, It's my first time in Tuscany. Myself and my husband are flying to Pisa in mid September. We'd like to get a feel for Tuscany (I know 3 days is not enough) we don't mind hiring a car if that's advisable. The question is where to stay as a base. I'd love to see Florence, Siena, Lucca and villages around Bagni di Lucca. I think we should go back for a longer trip. As a first trip however I can't decide whether to stay in Florence for 3 days or leave Florence for next time. Please help. I want this to be a relaxing holiday and not too much rushing around, if possible we'd like to stay away from crowded places. If we leave florence out do you advise Siena, Lucca or Chianti.


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For your first trip to Tuscany I think Florence would be a great destination. Three days are not a lot, but enough to see main museums and sights of Florence and you'll not need to hire a car. From Pisa airport you can easily reach Florence in about an hour and half by train.
You can find many interesting info reading our travel guide Visit Florence
From Florence you can also plan a one day trip to the Chianti area. Many agencies offer organized tours to Chianti, often with wine tasting included.

Hope your trip turns out wonderful!


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trip in October


I have a similar plan - flying to Pisa for 3 days in mid-October, I will rent a car and would like to drive around and see and feel as much Tuscany as I can. I've been in Florence already and don't really want it on my drive plan. Thinking - staying first night ( I arrive very late) somewhere close to Pisa airport and than drive in the morning direction Siena. I would also like to see San Gimignano and maybe Lucca - not very on the same way but I guess feasible, no?
Would you advise some other places to see on the way, some beautiful, typical spot just to wonder around in tiny streets... There is plenty of them mentioned in different places, but some special for you maybe?
Also, what's the weather like in mid-Oct? :D



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Weather in mid-October can still be very nice - last year we had sunny, warm days as we wandered around the Maremma. Definitely bring a midweight jacket in any case because evenings start to be cool.

If you spend the night in Pisa, then the next day I recommend you visit Pisa if you haven't seen it yet and then head on to Lucca first.... or if you don't leave too early on your last day go to Lucca last. It is the closest to Pisa on your itinerary.

Supposing you visit Pisa and Lucca first, that completes your first full day. The next day, you can head toward San Gimignano, visiting San Miniato Alto and Certaldo on the way. Visit Siena on your last full day.

As you drive to each place take the inner roads in order to see Tuscany's countryside - you won't feel in a hurry and that is a part of visiting Tuscany as well.


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Thanks for that. In fact I kind of penciled my trip a bit as in your advice:)
I decided finally not to stay in Pisa - I will drive to San Gimingnano where I found this lovely B&B in the town. I'll stay there for two nights, drive around to Siena and all places you recommended.
Than for last night I will go to Lucca - I found this B&B in the heart of the city hoping for nice evening in lovely Lucca, with toscan food and wine and than my last day also there - my return flight is at 6pm.

Anyway, bookings made, Tuscany map ready, Rough Guide too... Looking forward:)


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Sounds like you will have a lovely 3 days in Tuscany Johanna - do come back after and let us know how it all went :).