3 Days Pisa Trip


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Im planning to Visit Pisa in Feb. 2014 for 3 days with 2 night stay in Pisa with my family (2 Kids), can someone help me to arrange a nice trip. I want to see Attraction in Pisa & do some Shoping (Outlets). Please advise how to manage this all, with own Transport or can i do it with public Transport also.



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Since the outlets are closer and easier to get to from Florence, I'd recommend using Florence as your base with maybe the first day in Pisa (if you're arriving in Pisa). That way you can then move on to Florence by train and visit the outlets from Florence by bus without the need to rent a car at all (if you don't want to). Take a look at www.florenceaccommodation.com to look for a place to stay, it all depends on your wants and needs and budget - there are a lot of options! If you need help in figuring anything out, let us know! We'll try to help.