3 weeks in September?

Dave K.

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September, 3 weeks in Tuscany.


I'm starting to plan a 3 week vacation to Tuscany in September. I will be traveling solo and desire a mix of adventure, quiet time, and seeing the sites. I prefer exploring things without a guide and making discoveries the tourists don't experience.

I am looking for ideas on lodging, meals, accommodations, culture experience, language, socializing, etc. This is my first time to Italy and Europe.

Thank you.

Dave K.
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The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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lots to do in 3 weeks!

Ciao Dave,

Three whole weeks in Tuscany? Sounds like an awesome trip. You'll definitely have time to experience Tuscany as most visitors don't get the chance to do which is really slowly and with calm. Are you planning to rent a place for the whole three weeks or move around? Are you planning to rely solely on public transportation or rent a car, too, at least for part of the 3 weeks?

I ask because there really are a lot of factors that can influence your experience overall. And you don't definitely need a guide to show you around, you can discover Florence and the main sites in Tuscany on your own, at your pace and comfort.

Since you'll be traveling solo, I'd recommend you look into the hostels - they aren't just for students and they offer a great place to meet other solo travelers as well. There's a few here: http://www.florenceaccommodation.com/florence-hostels/

As for language and culture, you might consider taking an Italian language course while here... how about something like Scuola Leonardo?

These are just some ideas, you can't go wrong with the food as long as you stay away from really touristy restaurants. Eat where the locals are eating and you'll be fine ;-)

Dave K.

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Re: lots to do in 3 weeks!

Thank you for your reply. I am really pretty much a tickets in and tickets out and find out what I want to do and experience after I get there. Of course with some advance insights of what to expect before I arrive.

Lodging can vary but I usually like to find some place to do preliminary planning and go from there. I am interested in Tuscany but I will probably travel to other areas during my three weeks, so I don't plan on exclusively staying in Tuscany.

A rental car and public transportation are options. I like the idea of at least some initial contact with a hostel, I think they tend to have a large amount of information and people with common interests, a great resource for information. I'm flexible and want to get to experience the locals and the culture while making new friends.

I enjoy mountain hiking, SCUBA, sailing, rock climbing, museums, wine tasting, good food, quiet places for meditation, outdoors, etc.

Thank you again for any tips you have.

Dave K.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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lots to see in Tuscany as well as in Italy

I think you will do fine in September - having a general idea and then seeing where you end up at. Tuscany and Italy are great for all of your interests so you won't get bored!

Trains are really easy to use, just some areas are not crossed by them (for example, Chianti) so for those you need a little more planning - either rent a car for a day (definitely not too expensive as you can see from a search on the form here: http://www.visitflorence.com/florence-car-rental/ )

In Tuscany, must see places include Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, the Chianti and Val d'Orcia areas..... then for great beaches, head to Elba or to Maremma.
Then, of course, you should also see Rome, Naples and Venice - for anyone loving history, archeological sites, art and museums, these are all must-sees when in Italy :)


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Re: lots to see in Tuscany as well as in Italy

September is a brilliant time to be visiting Tuscany. Some of the summer heat has passed, yet its still warm enough to eat outside and be in shorts and a shirt. It is also a popular time to head to the vineyards as the grapes are at their most impressive just prior to harvest in last September.

Definitely try to get out of the major cities as the crowds can be a bit much. Try something like the Slow day in Tuscany (Google 'day in Tuscany') which will give you a real chance to see Tuscany away from the other tourists.

There are many festivals in September, most of which are related to wine. The greve-in-chianti wine festival is one of the best.
Hi Dave,

You are definitely lucky to have three weeks in September! It's the best time to be here. I wanted to let you know about The Florence Art Studio -- we offer custom courses in drawing and painting on a weekly basis. Please see our website to learn more: www.theflorenceartstudio.com.

Doing two weeks while you are here may be the perfect balance to counter your outdoor activities and travel. In addition we (actually I personally!) can help you organize other activities while you are in town. Learning to draw in the classical tradition is also a really cool way to understand the artwork you see in the many museums while you are here. It gives you a completely new perspective. I invite you to come check the studio out in any case while you are here. We are located in the very center of town.

I wish you the best as you plan your travels. You are going to love Florence. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you have. kathryn.bouchard@theflorenceartstudio.com