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I am considering a 30 day stay in Italy, thinking Tuscany as my base. I need to be in Lajatico in the third week of July 2021. I would rent a car. I have been to Italy before, so have been to a number of the most popular sites. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Wow i must say spending 30 days long trip to such beautiful place is like a dream comes true. Here i am going to suggest you few names to add in your bucket list while you will be in Tuscany. I hope you will consider them. Best of luck and must share further planing or experiences with us. I am curiously waiting.
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And one more thing, be careful, must maintain social distancing or wear mask if you are going on some crowded place.


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one of the things i wanted to do till i was 30 was to visit Italy ! im so jealous of you man ! have fun and more importantly take care


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Hello DKNY,

Let's stay positive and hope that by June/July of next year things will be going back to normal. In that case, in 30 days you will be able to see so many things that are often not at the top of the "main" sights to see but that merit being visited. Do you already have an idea of what area in Tuscany you want to stay in or are you planning to maybe have 2 different bases? If you hadn't thought about that, I'd suggest you consider it as a possibility. You could first stay in the southern part of the region, in either Maremma or in Val d'Orcia to the south of Siena. This would make it easier to see many of the smaller towns in the region, taking your time and enjoying being a "local" without being in a hurry. Places such as Pitigliano, Saturnia, Manciano, the coast by Orbetello, Talamone, the Uccellina park if you like walking/hiking. I also like Massa Marittima and the area of Roccastrada and Roccatederighi, but you can also explore around Monte Amiata, the springs in San Filippo, Radicofani, the springs at Bagno Vignoni. Did you make it to Cortona or Arezzo in the past? Those also merit a visit, particularly the Etruscan sites outside of Cortona.
You could then move on closer to Pisa and Lucca so that you are closer to Lajatico for when you need to go there (for the Bocelli concert, I imagine?). If you haven't been to Volterra, highly recommend it! Explore the coast line around the Gulf of Baratti and up towards Livorno. Since you're already visited and seen some of the main sights, I don't know if you've already been to Pisa or Lucca but if you didn't, definitely make time to visit those.
Are you more attracted to the sea or to the mountains? do you like to walk? If you do, then you might also consider spending some time in Casentino and on the trails there. There are many amazing sites in the area, including Camaldoli and La Verna, in addition to Le Balze.
So really depends on what you're looking for, you'll see that 30 days will fly by!!
Let us know how your planning is coming along and if you'd like more ideas.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy planning!