3rd time in Tuscany - what else to see?


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We are planning a quick trip to Tuscany in September (our 3rd time) and we're looking to stay in the countryside (will be renting a car from Florence airport) for 3 full days (4 nights). We've spent Christmas in Florence (day trips to Pisa, Lucca and San Gimignano) and we spent a long weekend in Gaioli in Chianti (day trip to Siena).
Where else would you recommend as a base for wineries, maybe a cooking class and relaxing in the countryside. It will be 2 young couples and a 5 month old. Is there any good villas you recommend near Montepulciano?


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What else to see?

Good morning from the sunny Tuscany!
If you are coming for the third time, you probably love our region ... thank you! This time you could stay in the area of the "Val di Merse" and go to the wonderful Abbey of San Galgano with the nearby chapel of Montesiepi and the sword in the stone (very special place), you could visit the beautiful and typical villages of Sovicille, Radicondoli, Torri, Chiusdino ... there are a lot of old castels and anciet churches, interesting itineraries that you can do walking or by bycicle... have a nice holiday! info@prolocosovicille.it


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Looking for something new

Buongiorno -

if you are looking for a new area of Tuscany to explore you can check out the Valley of Casentino which as you enter in from Florence passes through the vineyards of Frescobaldi and Nippozzano. You will find an area that is largely untouched by "tourism" and which offers many opportunities to explore the beauty of the Apennine Mountains, the history (with its castles and churches) and the food....wonderful!

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Thanks DonnaDenise and Pro Loco for the tips. I’m torn between these two options. San galgano and the sword sound cool. The views of Casentino Valley look amazing.

We're leaning towards southern tuscany, Montepulciano area and will try a day trip to san galgano.

Any good villa recommendations to stay in between?