4 days 3 nights in Tuscany

Rosa Stecca

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Hi, My husband and I will be travelling from Venice early in the morning to Tuscany by car and we will be staying in Agriturismo located in Greve in Chianti for 3 nights. On the 4th day, after check-out, we will heading back to Venice.

We planned to go to Florence for shopping, also to Siena, San Gimignano and possible to Pisa for sightseeing and enjoy food and wine there. But with good travel planning, we will even have time to enjoy and relax at every area that we plan to go and also spend time at Tuscany countryside.

As i don't know where to start first, can anyone suggest on our planning trip, how long the journey, etc? Also if i have missed any nice place to visit, can you give suggestion for us?

Thank you!

Pro Loco Sovicille

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4 days, 3 nights in Tuscany


this is one possibility for your planning trip:

- One day in Florence (certainly not less than this because this beautiful town offers a lot... museums, villas, shops, parks..)
- The same for Siena, not less than one day
- The same for Pisa - one day

Personnally I think that all the bigger, tuscan towns really need at least one day so that you can see the sightseeings, do at least one museum, do some shopping and relax somewhere enjoying the tuscan food.

So you have one more day for the tucan countryside. Here are two possible tours:

- Certaldo, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni


- Sovicille, Abbey of San Galgano, Chiusdino and Casole d'Elsa

Have a nice holiday!


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Day trips in Tuscany


Florence definitely merits a day dedicated to the shops, the sites and the beauty of it all. Though if you want to, you can probably enjoy Siena and the countryside in one day, for example a trip to Abbey of San Galgano or Monteriggioni and a vineyard in the area after enjoying and exploring Siena. As for Pisa, I would suggest that from Greve you drive over to San Gimignano in the morning and then head over to Pisa to see the tower. If you are going to want to go into the tower, definitely look into have your tickets booked in advance.

You could also look into splitting your day in Florence, for example enjoy the Agriturismo in Greve and the pool ;.) and then do Florence - you are definitely close enough that it is a comforatble and easy trip. Then when you check out on the 4th day and stop by Florence again - maybe do the markets and a museum. Sometimes there is so much to take in, that if you have a second day there (even if it is a half day) you will enjoy it even more.

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