4 days in Tuscany Region


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We are driving from Abruzzo a family of four. I would like to visit Val d'Orcia area, Siena, short visit to Pisa and another day for Florence. I don't think using the train would be best, since we have a car to use? I realize time is short and would like to minimize my driving. Two separate nights of two or just one base I'm considering, just don't what towns would be best. I would like to be in or near a town that may have some night life for a walk or shops . After Tuscany then we head north. Any assistance would be great. Thanks


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I'd also recommend just sticking with the car you already have as your main means of travel, the car is the best option in any case for visiting Tuscany.

I'd recommend 2 separate bases since you're arriving and visiting first the southern part and then making your way north. I'd suggest staying in Pienza or San Quirico in Val d'Orcia for the first 2 nights (see here for ideas of places to stay at) and then moving north toward Florence but NOT staying in the city of Florence since you'll have the car and don't want to worry about driving into the ZTL or parking. How about this small apartment on the outskirts of Florence? Or this one? That would also make it easy to take your day trip to Pisa and still be close enough to towns (Grassina and Fiesole) for the evenings.