4 days in tuscany region


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Hi everyone,

We are a family of 4 and would be arriving to Pisa in mid June. We can go around Pisa as we will be arriving in the morning and were thinking of basing ourselves in Siena for 4 nights (Florence is expensive to stay for 4 nights) and then travel to Rome.

Could you maybe suggest any other towns that we can go leisurely and enjoy the Italian culture, not quite interested in wine tasting trips. I was thinking of Lucca but that is too far from Sienna. I think we can spend a day in San gimignano and a day in Florence ? Any other suggestions?

Thank you.


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Ciao there!

When exactly do you get to Pisa? I ask because June 16 and 17 are special in Pisa, with the Luminara on the night of the 16th and the Regatta di San Ranieri on the 17th, so you might want to stick around if you arrive on those days before heading south to Siena.
You could just spend the night if you were to arrive on the 16th, then head off the following morning. You could go to Lucca from Pisa, for the day, before heading to Siena.

In any case, good day trips from Siena include: a full day in Siena, another day in Florence, a day in San Gimignano and Volterra with a short stop in Monteriggioni, and the fourth day driving south to explore the Val d'Orcia. I suggest driving down the SS2 to Buonconvento, on to San Quirico d'Orcia and to Pienza. If you're heading out on the 5th day, you can stop and visit Montepulciano on your way down to Rome (it isn't too far off the A1 exit).