4 Days in tuscany

Ibrahim Hindi

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Hi All ,

I am planning to visit Italy through my honey moon , I will be visiting :

- Rome 3 Days
- Tuscany 4 Days
-Venice 2 Days
- Garada Land 1 Day

I am really confused about the following :

- My itnerity of my trip ( From where i have to start )
- Where will be my best base in Tuscany ?

I am thinking to be in southern Tuscany as i am looking for peaceful places with green landscapes , and i would prefer to stay in one hotel in southern Tuscany and hire a car to go around the area .

Your suggestion is appreciated as it will be the first time to visit Europe .

Thanks in advance


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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If you arrive in Rome and depart from Rome, you could do first 2 days in Rome, then move up to Tuscany (rent a car at this point), then do Gardaland before Venice, since it would be much easier to have a car to get there and move around, dropping off the car in Venice. You could then return to Rome a day early and spend your last day there.

As for Tuscany, you could take train from Rome to Chiusi, rent a car there and then drive to the Val d'Orcia, using that as your base. There is enough to see in the region - check this section out: http://discovertuscany.com/valdorcia/

I take it you're not interested in Florence? If you are, I'd do 2 days in Florence, rent a car and spend 2 days in Chianti instead.

If you run out of time, I'd take out Gardaland as it is an amusement park with rides. Really depends on your experience, but as a first experience in visiting Europe, I'd spend the extra day in Florence or Tuscany rather than there.