4 Days in Tuscany

Parag Shroff

New member
Hi Lourdes
We are a family of 4 with 2 teen age boys. We are visiting Tuscany for the first time and we only have 4 days. Visit is in 1st week of June 2017. Based on the details/description from your wonderful website & our preferences, I have prepared our itinerary which looks something like this.
Day 1 – Arriving to Florence from Rome by train & reaching @12.00 Noon. Hiring a car and driving down to Siena. Should we stop by to see San Gimignano? Say 2 hours? Or just skip it. Go around Siena in the evening. Stay at Siena.
Day 2 – See Siena up to noon. Leave for Pisa. Go around Pisa for 2 hours and leave @5.00 PM for Maranello/Modena. Stay at Maranello/Modena. My children are very much into cars and would love to visit Ferrari & Lamborghini factories.
Day 3 - Visit Ferrari & Lamborghini factories – Full day. Leave @6.00 pm for Florence. Stay at Florence.
Day 4 – See historic places in Florence for the whole day. Stay at Florence
Day 5 – Leave in the morning @10.00 AM for Venice.
Due to limited time, we are continuously moving. Kindly suggest “MUST DO” in all these places within this given short span of time. We are not too deep into history or Museums, but would definitely like to see all important places and take good memories back home. Thanks a lot.