4 Lifelong College Ladies searching for 4br accommodations June 9-16, 2018


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It's a girlfriend trip!! We desperately need a "Gathering of the Goddesses" (our phrase for girl trip) and are searching for a villa, farmhouse, apartment type accommodation to use as our home base. Each of us would like our own sleeping area or bedroom. We will sometimes eat out, sometimes eat in and would love to have a chef, Nonna or Zia available to cook us an authentic Italian meal now and then. A restaurant/bar area would also be nice. We enjoy exploring new things, wine tasting, pool area or beaches (we realize Tuscany is not on the ocean), shopping, bumming around quaint villages, castles, horseback riding, cooking classes, and are open to other suggestions for new adventures.

Thank you for posting any recommendations you have!
Pookie and friends