5 day holidaying and discovering tuscany


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Hi we are 64 yr old Indian pure vegetarian couple planning a relaxed and comfortable holiday in Tuscany region our questions 1) shd we rent a car or not with or without chauffeur 2) a comfortable decent clean accommodation in beautiful location with good vegetarian option suiting Indian palette which is most important,if possible easy approach to Rome as arriving and departing from rome 3)areas to visit , how to plan my trip and things should do to enjoy Tuscany comfortably
Read so many threads so very confused holidaying from 29th September to 5th October pls reply at the earliest
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A few helpful ideas


Driving a car is always an interesting point, it really comes down to how much you enjoy driving. The time period you have selected will have the roads pretty clear, so you won't have a lot of competition on the road :cool:

Are you looking to position yourself in one place and then move about? That could make it easier if you are driving on your own. That way you will quickly become familiar with the roads and landscape. I particularly like Castellina or Radda in Chianti

Check out some of these suggestions:

From here you could do several one day tours (driving about 1 hour) Siena, San Gimignano, Florence, Arezzo, or Buonconvento.

As for your culinary style, I believe you will find that every restaurant has a list of "contorni" (vegetables) as well as several pasta options that don't include meat (niente carne...no meat!) In fact, Florence has quite a few of lovely vegetarian restaurants: https://www.visitflorence.com/eatin...rence/vegetarian-restaurants-in-florence.html

Some of my favorite dishes include ravioli di verdure with butter and sage, pasta with mushrooms, rice with vegetable. They also eat a lot of dishes with white beans (excellent with extra virgin olive oil). As well as lots of fresh veggies. There is always cheese on the menu, and you could try for a sunny-side-up salad with shaved truffles on top....perfect for the season.

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