5 Day stay in Radda in Chianti


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We are 2 senior couples travelling together by rental car for 24 days in May 2017 thru Italy and Sicily. Our trip begins in Cinque Terre, Parma, before arriving at Il Borgo di Vescine, Radda in Chianti.
We plan one day visit to Florence and one day visit to Siena. What should be on our list to see during the remaining days on a less hectic pace. Would taking a train to Florence be a good option instead of driving?


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Day trips from Radda


Taking a train (or bus) from Radda would be a fantastic idea...except, unfortunately, there is no public transport with direct access to the city. Sorry. You could park the car in Greve and take the bus, which would save you a bit of hassle - Greve (or even Panzano) is easy to use with no changes and a reasonable cost, leaving you in the heart of Florence. Just remember that you have to watch your time to catch the last one back from the city. (read this article for info on catching the bus in Greve).

Radda puts you in a unique position to be in Chianti but close enough to leisurely enjoy the Val d'Orcia area, and the Creti Sensi landscape which you can admire if you plan a trip to Montepulciano. The drive into Florence will definitely give you a lot of photo opportunities so I don't know if I would suggest that you take a day to explore that part of Chianti (again).

Another area to look into, that isn't far off is Arezzo...a personal favorite because it is so low key yet authentic and beautiful.

Buon Viaggio,

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