5 days 4 nights in Florence


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Hello All!

It's my wife and I first time in Florence. we are very excited!

Hence, We will like to know is it advisable to rent a Car or Train when visit

2.)Factory Outlet

Is Air Bnb recommendable in florence?

We will also be taking a flight from Barcelona to Florence. ( any airlines to recommend? ) i read about Vueling Airlines but seems many people had bad experience with their luggage. )

Also Do we need to book in advance for train ticket from florence to Cinque Terre ?

Any interesting places for us to visit , if so ( by car or train )

thank you all!
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There are many day trips you can do with a train (like Cinque Terre) and some you may want to consider with an organized tour - the cost can sometimes be similar to renting a car EXCEPT, you get someone else to navigate the roads and show you the ropes :cool:

You didn't mention when you will be traveling so I am going to suggest you have a look at this article about getting around Tuscany, using Florence as your base:

As for accommodations, certainly Air B&B is a possibility - however, I would suggest that you have a look at this site - much like the other site, you go directly to the owners for great prices.

As for your flight and flying Vueling Airlines, early December I went to London (departure Florence) and I found that the flight, the staff and the conditions of the plane to be excellent. I would fly them again in a second and I recommend them.

Buon Viaggio,

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You can most definitely go to Pisa with a train (and we recommend doing it that way so you can avoid problems with parking and driving) but if you want to go to the factory outlets, you need to get a BUS there.

Which outlets? Here is a list that also includes info on getting there:

In this way, you don't need a car at all!

For Cinque Terre, as trains are regional, you do NOT need to book trains in advance, you can just go to the station a little before and buy tickets then and there.

AirBnB and apartments on there have taken over the historical center in Florence, you can most definitely search for an apartment (disclaimer, this is our affiliate link) but the choice is so wide you might have problems choosing :D.
We have visited many places, especially small B&Bs but also apartments, and reviewed them for our site here, so you could ALSO search there and see whether you find a place you like. We offer direct links to the official sites so that you book direct with the owners and don't pay commissions to the big booking sites.

As far as what to see and do, you can take a look at the itineraries and suggestions on here:
You didn't say when or for how long you're visiting, so not sure what suggestions to give in particular for now, but you can always post more questions and we'd be happy to help.

Enjoy your time in Florence and Tuscany!