5 days in Florence & Rome


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we are on our first trip to Italy and have 5 days between Florence and Rome and were thinking of the following itinerary:

day 1: arrive via train from Venice - Cover the major attractions in florence - Duomo, Accademia, Uffizi, Giotto bell tower etc
day 2: Take the Siena +Pisa + Gimignano tour with lunch at a wine estate in Chianti (conducted by Viator)
day 3: Florence attractions that could not be visited on day 1, leave for Rome post lunch
day 4: Vatican city & museum, colloseum, pantheon etc
day 5: at leisure - fav museums, depart in evening

please advise if this looks ok or if we will need more time in Rome/ Florence and should drop the day trip to Siena/ Pisa. Also, between Siena/ Pisa vs. Cinque Terre what would you recommend?

thanks for the help



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Forgot to mention - we will be in Italy in the second week of June and dont plan to rent a car as we have been told that city centres are limited traffic zones and parking would be extremely difficult in both towns. So plan to commute by trains


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I think your planned itinerary looks great! The Viator tour offers you the chance to see a lot of the Tuscan highlights without a need for a car, so you should be fine doing it this way. I agree, no car is necessary and you'll do fine moving between the 3 cities by train. Just take your time and enjoy everything you do, even if it means one less museum but more strolling with a gelato in hand or taking time to soak in the atmosphere ;-)


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skip CT


I agree with Lourdes - you plan looks great. CT is a beautiful option however I think you will feel like you have seen more of Tuscany with the original plan.

Remember there are trains that leave for Rome at all hours so just take your time and enjoy the atmosphere in Florence before catching a train. Florence is so walkable - and everything is easy to get too, a much more relaxing atmosphere than Rome - so enjoy it.

Rome is exciting - and everywhere you turn there is something to see so that sometimes its seems overwhelming. You might even want to look into a walking guide of Rome. Be sure to reserve a spot for the Vatican or you will be waiting all day in line and won't have time for anything else.

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