5 days trip to Tuscany - what is the best base


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Hi. We are a family of three travelling in Tuscany in June this year. We will attend a family wedding in Pietra Santre for 3 days and then will take a holiday for the next five in Tuscany. What is the best base to see Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano? I read somewhere in the forum that Chianti is the best option. Can someone confirm this please.


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If you look at a map of Tuscany, Chianti is pretty much smack right in the middle (it is the area between Florence and Siena) and for that reason it is often recommend as a good base - day trips can mean you drive out in one direction one day, in another the next and driving time isn't too long to any of them.

So yes, it is a good base for the places you are planning to see ;-)
If you were to add some places to the south of Siena, then I'd recommend staying closer to Siena (anywhere in its surroundings).

Take a look at http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/chianti/ to start your search for a place to stay.


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Where to stay in Chianti


Chianti is really such a broad term, stretching from Florence to Siena and curving over to parts of Arezzo - if you want to try and be a bit more specific, a general area to start looking at could be near

Montespertoli: Le Torri, is a great self catering apartment area

I have also done a visit to Tenuta Quadrifoglio, which is really very locally situated and great for families, views and an authentic experience.

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