5 days vacation in Tuscany with children



We are staying in Vinci (7 grown ups and three children under 5yrs), can you pls recommend some a light itinerary.
Also there is so much recommended tours, what would be the best with children. We are with cars ofc and would like to see as much countryside as possible but with some fun for children. We are travelling for Estern.

thank you


5 days in Tuscany with children - follow up

While waiting for your response (I am hoping I did not made any mistake by posting and assume you are quite busy) I was exploring your site wich is great!!! Now I have to many ideas and even bigger problem 
We have four full days (25.-28. march) as we will arrive on 24th midday and leave midday 29.
I have some ideas in itinerary but have no idea is it doable or if we can do something better considering children!

Basic idea is to go somewhere else evrey day on excursion, have lunch and on a way back have dinner somewhere close to Vinci! (any recommendation on this)

So the idea is:
1. one day Florence (at first we planned to go and see Explosion of the Cart but than we gave up because of the crowd and I would like to see a market) – any recommendation for children in Florence and for reasturants as there is 10 of us including children?
2. We definitely decided to go in Chianti on Easter monday and see a market in Greve in Chianti – is it a good choice and can you please recommend a few more stops in Chianti).
I would like to see Poppi and take children to Zoo and some Castle (can you recommend which one would be more interesting for kids), and as there is a quite a lot of driving from Vinci to Poppi can you recommend a stop between Vinci and Poppi where we could have lunch and some break. And after all I am not sure whether it is worth losing a whole day on this or you can recommend something better?
We also thought of visiting San Gimignano or Lucca or both but have no idea how to plan that day itinerary.
And considering it is a Easter can you recommend where to go on Easter?
I also was trying to find some events and manifestations in region on thids dates but couldn't find any.
We are open to any suggestion and go on completely different itinerary if you recommend.
We are so excited about this trip that we just can not stop plan!
thank you,


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Kids in Vinci


The day in Poppi is wonderful idea (I lived there for several years. Totally loved everything about it and I strongly believe you will find something for all ages.) It is a full day, just the ride from Vinci to Poppi is 2 hours - though having said this, there are many places to stop along the way, read this article about the trip into Casentino for some ideas.


and more specifically: http://www.discovertuscany.com/casentino/intinerary-for-one-day-in-casentino.html

The Zoo is open all the time, however in the winter (Jan/Feb/March) it closes for lunch - but the castle doesn't soooooo...
The restaurant in front of the castle is a typical family styled meal...but I also enjoy the smaller meal at the little restaurant in the square as you excit the walls of Poppi. Or with the kids and nice weather, you really might want to consider the picnic idea that I mention in the article above.

And though I would never want to persuade someone to NOT visit Casentino (because as I mentioned earlier I adore the area) if the ride in the car is a bit much for everyone and you really want to see a Zoo - you could go to the Pistoia zoo which is much closer.

Closer to Vinci - and possibly interesting for you and the kids would also be the city of Pistoia...


read some of the activities, these are close and include the zoo, the castle, underground tours, good food and history/culture.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


Palio di Fucecchio

Dear Donna,

thank you for your reply. As we will be in the near would you recommend to go and see a Palio di Fucecchio or it is too much with children?



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Palio Fuccechio

Hi -

those events can be tons of fun - though the locals usually know how to get all the best seats!! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go - many times all the extras (the fair, the markets, the games) are great entertainment and will keep the kids happy.

Would I suggest you do this instead of going on one of your day trips....maybe not - but when you come home a stop here and a walk around would probably be fun.

Have fun!

Donna Denise


Tuscany as a lot of proposals to offer for a vacation with kids. You can enjoy the zoo of Pistoia (https://www.zoodipistoia.it/), the park of Pinocchio in Collodi (http://www.pinocchio.it/ it's not a must but it could be nice), the Cavallino Matto Park (http://www.cavallinomatto.it/) and many more.

Also you can book a Tuscany quad tour, an horseback riding tour and many many more...

I think every city in Tuscany is a great chance for kids to discover the magic atmosphere of the medieval era.


Few final question :)


Thank you so much on your answers and recommendations.

More or less, we planned our itinerary.

1. 25th march we are going to Florence, probably we are going to book a electric cart tour
2. 26th - Pisa - Lucca
3. Volterra - San Gimignano
4. Chianti (it is a Easter monday so we are hoping to see market)

So far it seems that the weather will be bad but we are optimistic :)

Do you have any advice on itinerary, sholud we change anything, we are open to any suggestions and advice ofcourse?

As it is going to be very crowded for easter holidays in region and there is a ten of us, should we book restaurants for lunch/dinner for everyday in advance? Any recommendation on that pls?

I read so much about Tuscany in last few months and now I even feel more clueless! So I am little paniking.

Help ;)

thank you


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Packed for Easter

Hi ---

whenever you are that many people - it is always best to BOOK, even your restaurants. When you arrive in any of the places and you see some place you like, just go and and see if you can block a table and what is the earliest time then go about your tour of the city...it is important to be flexible. Normally if you are early enough or can wait till after the crush - then you will be able to get a place. I would also suggest that if the weather looks half-way decent then plan on a picnic (Lucca is a great place for this...as is San Gimignano) just pick up some of the local goodies and then find a quiet little corner (in the case of Lucca on the wall) and enjoy the peace and quiet and total relax!

As for dinners - I would try to keep your meals closer to home so you don't have to do a lot of driving after you eat ... and in that case I would definitely ask the owner or staff at the villa because they can tell the best local places to eat (if you are in a villa I would even consider one night having a chef come in and do a mini cooking class and meal...a great way to relax and enjoy)
Your calendar looks great.

Relax and don't be too caught up in doing "everything" and following a calendar! Just begin to enjoy Tuscany, it will surely capture your heart.


Donna Denise



Dear Donna
thank you for your great advices! We decided to spent afternoon on Easter monday with kids in Poggibonsi as it seems after all day of Chianti some fun for kids. Can you please recommend some place for late lunch in the near?
thank you


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I would suggest to roam the countryside a bit.

You could head for lunch to Staggia, a nearby castle/fortress town. Not sure if the castle will be open for pasquetta but worth checking out!


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Rocca di Staggia

Hi there

the Rocca di Staggia is definitely open HOWEVER, theya re running a "private event" that requires tickets to get for a limited number of persons.

Their facebook page has more information.


Personally I didn't eat in the area...I am a picnic type of person and the last time I was in the area I enjoyed lunch in the Imperial Fortress at Poggibonsi. There is a panoramic restaurant at the top of the Fotress - which I have heard good things about....

Donna Denise