5 nights split in one place or split into two places?


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Hello there,

I am planning a honeymoon to Tuscany, FAR in advance (October 2015)!
Very glad I found this website.

We have 11 nights to spend. We plan to fly into Florence.
Our plan is:
3 nights in Florence
3 nights in Cinque Terre
5 nights somewhere central to visit the wine country.

I saw it suggested on another thread to split a visit between northern and southern sections. The example given was to start in San Gimignano to be more central to the northern towns then move to somewhere in Val d'Orcia to be central to the southern towns.

Would it be so bad if we just stayed all 5 nights in one place, like near Sienna?
We plan to rent a car.


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No, staying in one place would be perfect actually. Since you'll already have been in Florence and been in that area, I would suggest staying near Siena - either in Castellina in Chianti or to the south near Buonconvento. Both are still very central and good bases to visit Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Chianti, the Val d'Orcia.
Here are a few places that I would recommend you look at in particular - all offer apartments in the countryside:


Podere Cunina or Cretiole

Which do you recommend? I keep going back and forth between Cretiole or Podere Cunina?


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Choosing between two places


The both are valid accommodations - and will definitely offer a characteristic image of Tuscany - and beautiful scenery.

However, I have not visited either - BUT I can give you a bit of feed back on the location. Personally, I love the area around Bounvonvento where Podere Cunina is located. (Don't get me wrong - Pienza is awesome) Buonconvento is smaller - I definitely enjoyed the local restaurants and the low key tourist aspect.

Just last night, firends told me about a little (I mean very little) restaurant in the town of BEFA, 9 km outside of Buonconvento. No frills just good food.

You are also close to Montalcino (I loved this little town and the wine tasting in the castle) and I have dealt with Castelnuovo Tancredi (and their wine) for several years.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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I would choose Cunina but just because I've been there and met the owners and looked like a great place in the middle of the countryside -- just be aware that the road to get there was full of potholes the last time we went (a year ago, I think it was).