6 days in Montecatini


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we are traveling to Tuscany in Sept. for the first time and staying in Montecatini. I will have car. Any suggestions about day tripping?


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Day Tripping from Montecatini


Have a look at this blog post about a day trip...I did this with a departure from Florence, but with you in Montecatini you are a lot closer so you will have more time to roam about ...


I also suggest, if you have a chance to visit Pistoia. Explore the back roads around Pistoia because they will give you some awesome views of the plains that run between Florence and the coast...and some neat views of the Marshlands of Fucecchio.

Another place that is close by, and really merits a visit, is Prato.

Buon Viaggio,

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Some advices

Don't miss the opportunity to discover and enchanted land!
I suggest a day trip to Pistoia (and Lucca)
A day trip to Colle di Buggiano, Massa e Cozzile (three small medieval villages)
Then you could consider a day trip to Florence, a day trip to Pisa and Livorno.
Or just an enchanting tour in the countryside (Chianti region, or Volterra, Montaione and surroundings).


Siena is very beautiful :) if you can go there from where you stay.
Or Firenze is a place which you shouldnt miss:)