6 double rooms in august


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We are six couples from Denmark looking for accommodation in Florence from 28 August to 2 September.

Our cousin from England is getting married Sunday 30 August in the American church in the center of Florence and the wedding party afterwards is taking place in Castello Vincigliatti.

Do you have suggestions for our accommodation. We are looking for a small place with local atmosphere and not to expensive.

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stay nearby in Settignano or Fiesole

Ciao Arne and welcome to our DT forum!

If the reception is going to be at the Castello di Vincigliata (http://www.castellodivincigliata.it/), then I wholeheartedly recommend you stay nearby in the hills of Fiesole or Settignano. Of course, you will not be far from Florence but if you want something with more of a local atmosphere, it could provide that special touch.

You could try Villa Morghen (http://www.villamorghen.com) or Residenza Montalbano, both in Settignano. The Fattoria di Poggiopiano is a farmhouse with apartments and pool that might also offer a different type of stay - http://www.poggiopiano.it. It is near Girone, southeast of Settignano and just outside Florence near the Arno river.

This is really nice - http://www.lecannelle.com/ - but unfortunately only has 5 rooms! I found other similar b&bs, but all with not enough rooms :/

Otherwise, you'll find many possibilities in the center of Florence that would be perfect for your group. For a hotel you could try the Hotel Principe - http://www.hotelprincipe.com/ - or Casa del Garbo for a unique experience staying directly on Piazza della Signoria. The Johanna/Johlea residences also offer central b&b accommodation - http://www.antichedimorefiorentine.it/. For more suggestions, check out Florence Accommodation.com.

I hope these help you out in your search for lodging, let me know if you have other specific needs that might make it easier to suggest additional places for your group.