6 Nights In Tuscany


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Hi everyone,

Great forum with a lot of useful information! My wife and I are attending a wedding near Milan (flying in from London) and wanted to make a holiday out of our trip! We're planning on coming early July. We were hoping we could take a train from Milan to Florence (I hear this is the best way of getting there) on the 7th of July evening (Sunday). We thought we would stay the night in Florence, and then rent a car and drive out of Florence to explore Tuscany. We plan on coming back to Florence on Thursday so we would have Monday to Wednesday to explore. We will be in Florence from Thursday to Saturday evening - I've heard this should be enough time?

We had a couple of questions on how to make the most of our trip! We've done a bit of research and Chianti, Siena, and Montepulciano all look great!

a) Where should we rent a car from?
b) Where should we go when we leave Florence? We ideally don't want to change hotels during our three day trip but we could if it was worth seeing and exploring different areas.
c) We'd like to stay somewhere nice in Tuscany but not too expensive (60-150).

We both enjoy sight seeing as well as wine tasting. We also enjoy driving through scenic areas/routes.

Any other information/advice would be great!

Thanks a lot in advance!



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one place in Tuscany, then return to Florence

Ciao tjuice,

Yes, definitely train from Milan to Florence would be the best way to get to Tuscany. I would recommend at least 2-3 days in Florence so Thursday to Saturday seems pretty good, in addition to the first evening.

For car rental, I suggest you start a search on here - it is an aggregator site so it will show rentals from all of the major companies (Avis, Budget, etc) and that way you can start seeing availability and cost. The best location for input is "Florence Rail Station" which then lists the locations on those streets a couple of blocks from the train station, perfect as you'll arrive by train from Milan.

I also agree that for 3 days you should just stay at one place and you use that as your base.
How about Villa il Poggiale? It is a beautiful Renaissance villa turned into hotel/B&B and just outside San Casciano - in Chianti and close to the close to the superstrada between Florence and Siena so makes moving around very easy for your day trips.

Another possibility is Palazzo Malapsina, a small B&B in San Donato, also close to the superstrada.

And another possibility is Casolare di Libbiano, a B&B in a farmhouse near San Gimignano.... a bit further from the highway but not far, Tuscany is not large and you'll see moving around isn't too difficult.

In all these cases you're in Chianti, not far from wineries - they can all tell you which ones are closest, when they are open, etc. Drives are beautiful and scenic whichever way you head to! :)

For accommodation in Florence, take a look here: http://www.florenceaccommodation.com/
You don't need a car while in Florence, so definitely plan to return it as soon as you get back to Florence so you don't have to worry about parking/paying for something you don't need!