6 nights in Tuscany


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We are flying into Florence on 12th September for 6 nights then we make our way south to arrive in Puglia on 19th September.
We are thinking maybe 1 night in Florence and it may be better to take a taxi to florence and then hire a car from the airport from the 13th. What would the recommendation be for the other 5 nights in Tuscany maybe Radda in Chianti for 1 night, Sienna for 2 nights and Montalcino for 2 nights? And where would you recommend stopping to break up the drive from Tuscany to Puglia?



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drive to Puglia


I suggest that you look at adding Ascoli or Aquila to your itinerary, either one will take you more towards the center of Italy where you will pass through Perugia, Assisi and Spoleto - all of which are great little stops to break up your trip a bit. I have been to all of these towns and my personal favorite is Spoleto, which is a small little town but very characteristic and charming.

Then you will go closer to the coast which is always a nice drive.

Buon Viaggio,

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