6 Week Trip to Florence with students


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Hello from Florida-
I will be taking about a dozen students on a trip to Florence next summer. This is a university course focused on international cultures and cuisine. I am overwhelmed with all of the amazing places to see and visit. What do you believe are the top 10 places or experiences I should target? I am thinking wineries, truffle farm, cheese factories, cooking class, and museums etc. However, I need more specifics and there seem to be a million choices. Also, are there any festivals or fairs going on from end of May through June of 2015?

I appreciate any help or guidance on this-



The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Wow, a whole 6 weeks in Florence and Tuscany or are you planning to do other areas in Italy?

You should definitely do a little bit of everything and for a class, you really do need to plan ahead and do things (organize visits) directly with each place. I also assume you're going to need lodging? Are you thinking of apartments?

June is a great month - there will be lots of events, and in Florence and Pisa it is the month when they have several traditional ones, such as the Calcio Storico in Florence and the Luminana/Regatta/Gioco del Ponte in Pisa. So there is definitely a lot of things that can be planned!