6 weeks in Tuscany. Looking for best advice on best location to stay


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I am taking my 3 children to Italy for approximately 6 weeks and would like advice on where to stay. Should I book 1 place or split our time between 2 locations? I want to have the full experience. A house where we can receive visitors, easy walk or short drive to markets or village/s. We will most likely have a car so we can take day trips. Please help me find a starting place. My children are 4, 14 and 15 and well traveled. We want a large place with beautiful views that truly represents what we all romance Tuscany to be about. Of course, we have to budget so if the house has to be in a smaller, less expensive village, I am okay with that. My husband will come for the first week then I'm on my own. No fear, all excitement. Thank you in advance for any guidance.
P.S. I found a house on AirBnB in Borgo Allah Collina. 9 bedrooms 8 baths for a great price. Is this too good to be real? Is the location acceptable? If so, I would book it today, but I just don't know anything about that area.
We are traveling from the U.S. June 6- July 12 ( we have flexibility though).
We don't speak Italian at all 😄


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Borgo alla Collina


Borgo alla Collina - can you send me a link to the the place? I can check it out for you.

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