7 Day Tour of Tuscany!


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I have to say the details covered on this website are amazing! Thank you!

We are traveling to Italy Feb 1st - 10th and we are considering following your article "7 days in Tuscany" I do have a few questions.

Day 1-2 is Florence day 3 shows Pisa & Lucca would you still stay in Florence?
Day 4 is Chianti and SG where would you recommend staying?
Day 5 Sienna and Moneriggioni I am assuming staying in Sienna?
Day 6 Val D'Orcia still staying in Sienna?
Day 7 Arezzo & Cortona ...you guessed it where should I stay?

Also seems like a lot of traveling in days 4-7 is it a good idea to rent a car from Florence on day 4 and return it in Rome once we are done with the 7 day trip? or do you still recommend using public transportation?



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A few answers


The seven day trip has you moving a little or a lot - depending on how you feel about changing locations. Florence is a good base for the first half of your travels and then Siena and even Arezzo or Cortona for the last half. Read through our 5 day itinerary (which is very similar to the 7 day except it takes Florence out of the equation)

Yes you can do Pisa and Lucca from Florence, in fact count on those days in one hotel or maybe an apartment or B&B, check out these links for a few ideas.

Buon Viaggio,

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