7 days in San Regolo in Brolio


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Apologies if i repeat questions already answered!

We are staying in the hamlet of San Regolo in Brolio near Siena and want some advice on wine tasting, golf courses and just any valuable info any one can share with us.
Any good recommendations for restaurants, bars etc?
Please feel free to advise me! We have our own car, travelling down from the UK.

Thanks for your time!


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Holidays in Tuscany near Siena and Chianti

Welcome to the Forum!
We are very happy to help you:)

The area you’ve chosen for your holidays is really one of the most beautiful of all Tuscany!
The scenic Chianti area and its lovely villages are at hand.
Some of the best wineries where you can taste wine together with other typical local products, are located near Greve in Chianti.
Amongst the countless wineries you will find along the route, I suggest Le Cantine, offering a great variety of wines, and Castello di Vicchiomaggio, a wonderful castle surrounded by precious vineyards, where you can also make wine tours on request.
While, in Panzano in Chianti I recommend the Antica Fattoria Montagliari which offers several wines for tasting, grappa, olive oil and other typical Tuscan products.
You may find this post about Chianti wine tasting very useful.
In addition, you may also consider a guided tour, I suggest this good one on Chianti and the famous medieval town of San Gimignano.

As to your request for golf courses in the area, I suggest the Ugolino Golf Club, north of Greve in Chianti.

Regarding restaurants and bars, practically you eat very well everywhere in Tuscany, especially in Chianti, where I recommend Sira e Remino, a nice restaurant serving exquisite typical Tuscan dishes. Another one is the Osteria di Badia Passignano, right in the heart of Chainti Classico, in an ancient monastery, with an excellent cuisine accompanied by superb wines. The osteria is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and you could even visit the cellars under the abbey, so you might do some wine tasting and then finish with an exquisite dinner at the osteria.

Finally, since you are traveling by car, you will find this post about moving around Tuscany by car very helpful.

Enjoy your holiday and the wonderful Tuscan food:)

Feel free to post again for any other question,
Ciao from Florence!


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Thanks very much, it all looks very interesting and we can't wait to explore!!

One other thing if you can help - would you recommend pre booking tickets for the Tower of Pisa before we leave the UK? Do you have a link to the official booking site, there seem many on the internet!

Thanks again!


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Booking tickets for the Leaning Tower in Pisa

Thanks for coming back:)

Regarding the tickets for visiting the Tower of Pisa, or Leaning Tower, I recommend you reserve them before leaving the UK, as only a limited number of visits is permitted each day, so booking is absolutely necessary.
Here is the website; the booking is easy and safe, the cost of each ticket is around 15 euro.

As you can see, from the same website you might also reserve the visit to many other attractions and museums in Tuscany, such as the famous Uffizi gallery or the Accademia, where the original statue of the David by Michelangelo is exposed.

You’ll find that Pisa is a lovely art city! You’ll literally be impressed by the beauty of the Piazza dei Miracoli or Miracles Square, an astonishing big plaza with extensive green fields surrounding an amazing complex of historical and architectural buildings: the beautiful Duomo, the interesting Camposanto, and the Baptistery; all examples of the so called Pisan-Romanesque style.
Be sure you’ll not find such a unique and original square in any other part of the world!

Here is some info about the city of Pisa:

For any further help just let us know :)
Have a great Tuscan holiday!