7 Days in Tuscany


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I have just found your website, still browsing but finding it very useful.

Next year March/April, my parents and I are looking to do a Europe Trip, but also keep costs on the low.

We want to spend 7 days in Florence and use it as a home base. We are planning to stay in a rental apartment in the city center. Do you have any tips on what places are good? Currently been searching on tripadvisor.com. Look to spend around 100 euro a night.

Also, do you have any suggestions/thoughts on us taking day trips with the train to Venice, Rome, Milan and Pisa? Do the trains run daily? How do we book this?

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Ciao Priya,

Glad you found us and hope we can be of help!

Florence makes a great base, and an apartment for a whole week would be ideal as it would give you more space, intimacy and just the chance to "eat in" or even sleep in and have breakfast "at home" ;).
You can start by browsing though the options here that give you direct contact with owners: http://www.florenceaccommodation.com/florence-apartments/
Depending on how central you want to be, keep in mind that Florence's historical center is quite small and easily walkable - 15-20 min max walking to any of the main sights. Oltrano is the "furthest" but still always about 20 min walk from Ponte Vecchio.

Now, having said it is very central and being a great base, I normally recommend it for when you're planning to see Florence and Tuscany, not central and northern Italy. Venice, Milan and Rome are all connected to Florence with many FAST trains daily, so you can do day trips... but they still are about 1.5 hours each way. So that means 3 hours out of your day in travel time. Italy is so concentrated in treasures and things and places to see and visit, that it is really better to save time in travel and move from one place to another after 2-3 days. So say you start in Rome - spend 2-3 nights there, then move on to Florence for another 2-3 nights, then move on to Venice and then on to Milan. That way you save a lot of travel time daily and have more time to see things where you are.

Check www.trenitalia.com and www.italotreno.it to see time schedules just so you can evaluate better your choices. I do recommend booking online ahead of time for the fast trains, as most require reserved seating, and if you see a sale going on for when you're traveling - those are only available online and for limited times.