7 days in Tuscany


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Hi! My best friend and I (two girls in our early 30's) will be heading to Tuscany for 7 days in May. We will be arriving from 3 nights in the Cinque Terre. We don't want to move place to place but rather stay put for a couple of days and explore an area then move on. The places that have stood out thus far are Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, Cortona, Montepulciano and the Val'Dorcia area. We will be using public transportation to get around and on a bit of a budget. It might be a bit ambitious to see all of those places. Can anyone recommend where we should stay put and which places we could possibly do day trips? Other items on our agenda are the obvious.. wine tasting, exploring, sites, countryside..etc. We would love to stay somewhere close to a winery if possible. I was looking at a wine tasting biking tours which looked fun. Do you have to go on a tour to visite the wineries? Would that be the best way if we aren't driving? I am very keen to taste the Chianti's and the Brunello di Montalcino. I would appreciate any advise that you may have. Thanks!


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You can book the winneries by yourselves. Please keep in mind that much of the countryside will not be easily reachable with public transportation.
In theory, 7 days would be enough for what you are planning but being without a car and with a limited budget, you are looking at ALOT of walking and biking to get around. Now that i warned you:

Consider staying in florence for the time you wish to dedicate to seeing it, then move to either Siena or San Gimignano. Siena might be less expensive overall and you would proabably have more transportation options. San Gimignano is basicaly a "small" town that is overcrowded with winneries, and if you are coming for the wine, that is your paradise.

I would consider booking a wine tour for 1 day, as reaching the farms on bike and getting home after more than 1 small glass of Chianti doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Ofcourse you might have a different idea.
I would also rent a cheap car for 1 day and do a tour of the medieval cities.

One more thing. The Montepulciano area is home to some of Italies most expensive wines, especially the Brunello. Thus, any wine activities related to them will be expensive.