7days in Lucca 7 days in Siena places to visit ideas


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Places around Siena to Visit


I'm not clear if you were looking for places only in Siena (will you have a car?) or in and NEAR Siena.

In either case, there are many places around Siena you can visit using the public transport system, this article will list some of my favorite places to visit around Siena.

I particularly enjoyed Castellina in Chianti - the museum and archelogical sites are very enjoyable and you can look into setting up a visit to the town Fontemurlo or one of the other vineyards nearby.

In addition, I also enjoyed Buonconvento and the very nearby town of Montalcino.

Scenic views, wine, and good food.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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We have a car for the full 14 days spending first 7 days based in Lucca and looking for a tourism plan for around Lucca and then we travel by car to Siena and spend the next 7 days there and so a tourism plan for the Siena area .
Hope this is a bit clearer.