8 days in italy with 9 people

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My family of 4 and my brothers family of 3 and my dad and aunt would like to visit italy- my mom recently died of cancer and she really loved italy and the poppies of tuscany she thought of the poppies every time she was in the mri machine and it brought her much peace. This will be a memorial trip.

In our party there will be a 1 year old and a 9 and 12 year old and 2 -74 year olds ... I am the planer of the trip and I am looking for a few suggestions.

We are going to be flying into florence may 25 and will spend a few days there I am looking for some mid to high end accommodations for us all that will be easy with kids and possibly some restaurants. my husband and I are both architects and we were even thinking about a farmhouse to stay at possibly.... or maybe better to stay in walking distance-

I think they we will head to Siena by train after 2 days in florence and I am looking for suggestions for accommodations again and restaurants etc. What else should we do there with the kids etc.

I am excited about this forum since jumping on the web is a wild experience since I have never been to this area there are so many things out there hoping this will narrow it down!
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Let's start with accommodations


Have a look at this link - especially the firt and third choices


This could be an interesting solution for Siena: https://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/hotel-athena.html

This is a good start for reading up on options in Siena (places to eat and things with kids):

Be sure to check out the museums many have programs that will amuse the kids (treasure hunts) while the adults appreciate the artwork. :cool:



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