9/10 day trip driving around the region and ending up at the beach for 6/7 days


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I wonder if you can help me. I am planning on visiting Tuscany next Summer (end of July) and would like to start off by visiting some of the towns in the area such as Siena, Montepulciano, Orvieto and then would like to stay at the beach for around a week. I was thinking of Viareggio but only because I googled the best beaches in Tuscany! I could really do with some advice. I thought I might start off in Bologna (or would Rome be better?) and then do a circuitous route and end up near Pisa and the beach. I am not including Florence in my list of places to visit as we spent 4 days there last Spring and would much rather do it as a standalone trip.

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There are so many great beaches to visit in Tuscany - have a look at this article which gives you an overview of what to expect in the different areas. Personally, I like the beaches that are sandy and a little more “natural”, and they are a little further south of Viareggio. I’ve done both though, so I can say that Viareggio does offer a great list of activities and well furnished beaches for those who love to a more structured environment.

If you have already been to Rome, then I would definitely encourage you to visit Bologna, it is pretty authentic, a bit laid back, and is just a wonderful atmosphere to explore (even if it isn’t in Tuscany ) You can also make this a day trip, using the train would be perfect.

If you are intent on seeing Orvieto (totally encourage) you might also enjoy checking out the Valdichiana area of Tuscany, with towns like Cetona, Sarteano, Chianciano (with its economical thermal water resorts) and the great little town of Chiusi before heading over to the coast. - all of these are very close to Montepulciano.

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