9 day Tuscany + Venice Trip Itinerary idea


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Hoping you can help with my itinerary. Going to Italy for 9 days and need some ideas of where to visit with the family. I will be flying into Pisa and flying out of Venice. So far I have the following :

Day 1 - Fly in to Pisa. Train to Florence. Hotel booked for 3 nights

Day 2 - Whole day in Florence

Day 3 - Whole day in Florence

Day 4 - Check out of hotel and rent car ?

Day 5 -

Day 6 -

Day 7 -

Day 8 - Whole Day in Venice

Day 9 - Murano, Burano & Torcello Tour (or alternative idea) and time in Venice before flying home in evening

I have a blank spot in the middle and looking for ideas on where to go from Day 4. I want to visit Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa and Lucca for sure and maybe Cinque Terra. I also need to book somewhere to stay once I leave Florence. Not sure how long I need in Venice at the end of the week but I've scoped out 2 days roughly but could decrease this.

I am also happy to rent a car if necessary but just need ideas on my itinerary above pretty please.


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Three days to fill


You might want to consider those locations you could:

1 day:

check out of Florence, visit Lucca then move to Pisa. Visit the tower at sunset (gorgeous!) and sleep here makes the train connections for tomorrow easier.

2 day:
take a day trip to 5 Terre, the train will make is so much easier

3 day:
drive down to San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and sleep in Siena

4 day:

Enjoy the morning in Siena (be sure to see the cathedral and the museum)
then drive through Chianti back to Florence. Sleep in Florence so you can easily catch the train to Venice.

If you are doing the islands on a tour then you will probably really want an afternoon enjoying the city before you leave.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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This is great. Just some questions.

If I went to Pisa and Lucca I would have to take luggage with me but could also leave it in a hotel which is possible.

On Day 2 where should I stay and also which town should I rent a car for Day 3 and where should I return the car ?


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I have looked a possibility of car rental in La Spezia but it is closed so if you have any better ideas on itinerary it would be great.


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Lucca, Pisa & 5 Terre


Definitely leave your luggage at the hotel. You could go to Pisa via train, drop off your luggage at your hotel and then catch the next train to Lucca (they are very close and it's not a hassel). Walk around and enjoy the ambiance at Lucca then go back to Pisa check-in, relax an hour and then head over towards the tower as the tourists are starting to go home.

As for 5 Terre, I would suggest taking the train all the way! Go in the morning and come back in the evening to Pisa to sleep. No need to drive, especially when the car is of no use traveling between the small towns.

You can pick-up a rental car in Pisa for the last leg of your journey.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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Changed my plans slightly and will now be based in Florence.

Should I do Lucca and Pisa in one day or dedicate one day to each ?

No rental car so could I do a booked tour to San Mig, Siena and Chianti instead ?

For Pisa is it worth going up the tower ?

Also for Florence, to go up the bell tower do I need to buy the full ticket for all 4 places in Florence ?


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Florence is also a good base if you don't want the extra hassle of luggage and moving out/check-out and in.....

You can do Pisa and Lucca in one day - we recommend it as a day trip here: http://www.visitflorence.com/itineraries-in-florence/top-day-trips-from-florence.html
Doing Lucca first, then head to Pisa and definitely do the Leaning Tower, it is a magnificent one of a kind experience you will not regret doing.

If you don't want to rent a car, a tour is definitely another way to get to see Chianti and San Gimignano -- I did this one: https://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-tours/tuscany-one-day-tour-siena-san-gimignano-chianti.html and while it was a long day and the group was sort of big, the type of tour is definitely a good way to get to see places without worrying about driving.

In Florence, the bell tower and dome are included in the one ticket (18 euros, valid for 3 days) so you could visit a different site each day. There is no other ticket, it is only that and that's it.