9 nights in Tuscany - from Vignamaggio to Pisa


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We have 9 nights to spend in Tuscany - starting in Vignamaggio and flying out of Pisa. We hope not to rent a car and so are keen to take buses/trains. I have been looking to a route including Florence, Siena, Lucca and Castiglioncello (for a beach break) but I'm unsure as to which of these destinations we should go for or which other cities/towns we should visit. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
There are really many many many things I can recommend...
if you won't hire a car, you can easily reach (moving by train):

- Pistoia
- Prato
- Pisa
- Lucca
- Quercianella (if you want another fascinating beach break)
- The Chianti region and all the ancient etruscan region