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We would like to go to a few wineries, and have a rental car wherein we would drive to a designated winery, taste wine, and not spend hours on a pre-determined tour. Are there any wineries which will allow us to call ahead so that they know that we're expected, but don't have a lot of time to spend? e.g. have a small tour, do some tasting & we will purchase wine.


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OMGoodness, there are so many - it is truly hard to decide which one - you may just need to extend your stay to include those that catch your eye.

As a starter, have a look at this link. The first three are vineyards that either I or Lourdes have personally visited and reviewed and all three allow for private visits. Then there are several articles that talk about the general wine regions in Tuscany, and within each article there are a few places to try out, again, all of which all for private visits:


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