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Hi Folks!

I've been thinking of a destination for my honeymoon and I came across some beautiful pics of Chianti and Tuscany in general.
So I'd really appreciate if someone can tell me some basic info please.
such as:
Is this a good destination for honeymooners?
How does one get here? (I would be travelling from India)
Is it a good time to go here in December?
What might be an approx cost to cover travel and a week's stay, for a couple on a budget?

Thank you!



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Honeymoon in Chianti


Chianti is good all year round ;-)

Of course the season will influence the scenery quite a bit, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing to see.

However, I would suggest that you base yourself in the city and make day trips - only because the city is a bit more lively, restaurants don't close early and you will always find something "happening" in the evening when it gets dark (which can be pretty early in the winter).

There are many places you can look at for budget accommodations, check out this link with a few in Florence and another link for budget accommodations in Chianti:


Boun Viaggio,

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Important note for everyone reading this:

Tuscany and Chianti do not ever close down during the winter, when they are in low season -- they do slow down and some restaurant owners take vacation time and the countryside does seem to go into a bit of a hibernation period, but it is still beautiful and you will still find lots to see and do! Just look into what you want to do ahead of time and contact places, such as wineries, for reservations. They might not have set "open" hours but do open and offer tastings upon request.

So as far as December goes, it is still a great month to visit, keeping in mind the above and that temps are a bit low - take a look at the average temps here: http://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-weather/average-temperatures-tuscany.html