A week in Tuscany


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My wife and I are flying into Rome, renting a car and driving to Montecchio, Italy where we are staying with friends in a Villa for a week. Before our week begins at the Villa, we have Saturday and part of Sunday before check in to stay on the way or around the area of the Villa. I am looking at suggestions for that! I thought about Orvieto

I am also looking for an itinerary of where to go the week we are at the Villa. The obvious choices are Florence, Sienna, San Grit., Azzerio. I am open to all things unique.

Once we leave the Villa we have a couple days, Sunday and Monday before returning to Rome for 4 days. We thought about the coast and would like suggestions there or would entertain other ideas.

Since this may be our only trip to Italy for a while I want to hit the major areas but also want to see the region and what it is all about.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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I am amending the area where the Villa is. It is 30 minutes outside of Sienna

I also have decided while waiting for a reply to spend a least two days in Florence before or after the Villa, a day in Sienna and a day doing wine tours.

Any additional help would be appreciated.


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I'm making a similar trip in Oct. If we didn't need to get to our villa the same day, I'd have planned an overnight in Orvieto. From there to Civita Di Bagnoregio might be something you'd like. Not a long trip by bus or car from Orvieto if you stopped there. We plan to drive from FCO to Civita, then on through to Orvieto for few hours before on to stay in Chianti. We've chosen to drive because of our schedule, but many forums have made a very good point of how jet lagged we generally are after such a long flight, possibly making driving tiresome. Just some things to consider - It's easy to get to Orvieto by train from Rome, and another train on to Siena. There are car rentals in Siena near the train station. Would also be simple to take a fast train to Florence and spend your first days there. A car in Florence is more problem than help. You could pick up a car leaving there, or after taking a train back to Siena. Sounds like Siena could also be a short day trip from where you're staying. Just some thoughts I've gathered in our planning. What ever works out for you, have a wonderful time!


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Ciao Jim,

Am glad you amended your first post... as I was reading it, I was thinking that isn't in Tuscany, it's in Umbria!! :)

Since you'll be around Siena for the week after, the days before would be a great chance to see the area between Rome and Siena - so either Orvieto or Perugia would be great choices.... and both are easily reached with train if you want to wait to pick up the car after resting for a day.

You can visit Florence as a day trips during your week or at the end.... and a car in Florence is generally more of a problem, as it isn't needed and you have to worry about parking it somewhere while you're in Florence... or find accommodation that offers parking.

So during your week, I'd suggest:
- Florence
- Siena - at least a whole day
- San Gimignano + Monteriggioni on the way there (very small medieval castle so it's a neat stop to see but there isn't that much to see or do after you've walked around it and gone up the walls)
- Volterra + Colle Val d'Elsa on the way or back from Volterra
- Arezzo - a whole day
- the Val d'Orcia area - you can actually spend two days exploring the area - you can go to Montalcino and the Sant'Antimo abbey, San Quirico d'Orcia, Pienza and Montepulciano
- Pisa and Lucca - further away but also worth it

A great way to see the wine regions and do wine tastings without worrying about driving is to do small group tours of the wineries - here are some that leave from Siena, since it is where you'll be closest to.

As wine regions to explore, there is Chianti, the area around San Gimignano produces Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a great light white wine, the area of Val d'Orcia has two great reds: the Brunello di Montalcino and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. This would be a good tour for Montalcino and Brunello.
In Montepulciano, there is a wine shop that offers wine tastings of ALL of the producers in the area so it's a great way to get to taste many wines of various estates (open only in afternoons).

So the hard part will be deciding what to see and do.... on your drive back to Rome, you can certainly drive down along the coast with a night stop along the way. I'd recommend stopping around the area of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci or further south on the Argentario, either in Porto Ercole or Santo Stefano ;-).


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Ciao Gstrick,

You're right - depending on where you're coming in from and how long your flight is, you should consider whether you want to get behind the wheel of a rental car right away.

I usually recommend using those first few days to fit in Rome, especially if you've never been, it is a good way to first relax and have reached your destination before moving on again.

Hope you're having fun planning the trip - and if you need any further ideas or suggestions, just let us know! :)


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Thank you Lourdes! I was hoping you would post.

We have decided to do the following for now, that could change!

Rent a car in Rome and drive to Orvieto for the day and evening. Next day if time permits drive to Civita di Bagnoregio since it is close by and we do not have to be to the Villa under 4:00 the 1st.

The week at the Villa, take day trips to Sienna, Arezzo, visit the wine country one day with a driver. I am working on other day trips and will check in to your suggestions Lourdes.

After the week at the Villa, drive to Florence for two days. I have rented a B & B with parking on the out shirts of the city. 20 minute walk in or bus!

From there drive to Rome for four days.

I realize this is a lot of driving but my week at the Villa is paid for and we are joining friends. So if I want to see it all then I have to drive.

Any suggestions?



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Ciao again,

If your driving is limited to getting around on your day trips, I don't think it is too much. The B&B with parking is definitely needed so that you don't have to worry about parking in Florence - you won't need it at all to visit Florence and this way you can just arrive and forget about it.

As far as Rome, I'd return the car as soon as you can since you also don't need it there, particularly if you will stay in a central area. Just walk and use taxis when your legs start feeling tired ;-).

Hope you're enjoying the planning - it sounds good so far!!