About itinerary in Tuscany


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Our itinerary for our amazing 14 day 40anniversary/6oth B-day trip is as follows:
Arrive in Zurich and spend 3 nights in Luzern
then on to Cinque Terre for 3 nights
from there we plan so spend 5 nights in the Tuscan area somewhere
we will then end our trip with 3 nights in Venezia.
Our question is where to stay in Tuscany......Last time we stayed in San Casciano in Val di Pesa in a fabulous bed and breakfast and we loved it! We felt like the only tourists in town and we made friends with locals and attended mass. Loved it. BUT do we do something we have already done or do we try something new?
There are so many wonderful towns/villages in the area....we plan to make a home base of one and then do day trips to explore as much as possible. We will be renting a car in Florence upon our arrival there but I will have to say, driving in a foreign country is my husband's least favorite vacation activity. So we would definitely be open for a day tour or guided "something" on at least one maybe two of the days.
We welcome any advice you may have to share.