Academia and Uffizi tickets


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I have purchased Uffizi priority tickets and I can't figure out if the tickets also include access to the Pitti Palace and Baboli Garden. I've also purchased Academia tickets and wondered if that includes admission to the Duomo and the Baptistry.


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Ciao! The Uffizi sells tickets for just the Uffizi gallery as well as combined tickets to the Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens.... so I cannot know what you actually bought. Have you received the confirmation email that says what you bought?

As for the Accademia gallery, if you just bought tickets for the museum it doesn't include anything else. I've only seen private tours that combine the Accademia with the Duomo and Baptistery, but those are definitely combined separately with a guide and a tour. Duomo itself is free to enter, but the climb up the Duomo and the Baptistery require separate ticket from the Accademia.
Did you buy the Accademia tickets at the same time as the Uffizi ones? Check the email you received, it should have all the details -- if you tell me what site you bought off of, it should also help figure out what you could have ended up buying.