Accademia and Uffizi with Firenze Card


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We are a family of 2 adults and 4 kids (aged 10-16). We are planning on buying 2 Firenze Cards for the adults and understand the kids enter free. I have some questions about the skip the line system at Uffizi and Accademia:
1) Is it 1 child per adult that enters free OR all the children in the family (both parents have the card)?
2) One adult is EU citizen (mum) the other is not (dad). Does it mean the EU citizen can take the entire family through the skip the line Firenze Card entry with her Firenze Card, and we do NOT need to stop (once inside) to pick up the free tickets for the kids or pay for their skip the line privileges?
Sorry for the complicated question...
Thanks for any help!


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If you both buy the Firenze Cards, then all 4 of your children can enter with you. You both need to have the cards, though.

You will need to stop by the ticket window after you're inside and pick up the free tickets for them AND PAY for the skip the line access for them (it is 4 euros per kid). You do not have to pay for the skip the line access at any other museums for them, this only applies for the Uffizi and Accademia.