Accademia reservations


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I called the museum and made reservations for our upcoming trip. I was surprised that I was only given a confirmation number and no other information was requested from me. So now, does this mean I must go to a ticket line and purchase and pay for our tickets at the museum? Can you access this option prior to your time entrance or must you wait for your appointed time? Thanks for any advice...


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You get in the "with reservations" line for your appointed time. When you're let in, you must then go to the ticket office and purchase your ticket.
I recommend you get their a little early, so you can be in the front of the line with the others who have the same appt time.

Don't feel bad -- wait till you see the huge line for those without reservations! Hopefully you got one early in the morning.


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As Melany said, the Accademia has the lines and then the ticket office inside. So get in line with others "with reservations" and then pass by the ticket office with your number and pay and pick them up.
Generally you should be in line at least 15 min before your time slot, but if you got one as it opens, try to be there early so that you can be ahead of others in the same time slot.

The Uffizi, on the other hand, has the ticket office on a whole different wing from the entrances - so in that case, you first pass by the ticket office and only after get in the "with reservations" line to enter.