Access to Livorno beaches


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Hi Lourdes,

I've read you page about top Tuscany beaches:
I found it quite direct and enlightning. Thank you for taking your time to make it.
I have a question concerning the access to Livorno Beaches you've mentioned on the aforementioned web page.
I'd like to know if we have to pay in order to have access to those beaches. In other words, if we have to pay to use them.
I ask that because I've found with googlemaps some Bagno (something) all along all Pisa shore that are paid services.
In fact, what would be really nice of you, and that I mention only as a suggestion, is to get a table breakdown info containg city name, beaches with or without an X next to the beach name wether the beach would be paid or not.
For the moment if you could just tell which beaches are paid in Livorno, that would be very kind of you.
Thank you once more for your time and attention.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao rmcavalcante,

I am glad you found the article useful in your search for information on Tuscany's top beaches.

Your suggestion is a very good one and makes me think I should really write a separate article on the best "free" beaches in Tuscany ;-).
The reason why I didn't include info on paid vs. free beaches is that practically most beaches offer both options. There are some areas - particularly the Versilia area around Viareggio and Lido di Camaiore - that has a predominant amount of paid "bagni" along the sand that offer food, beach chairs and umbrellas and showers and almost no "free" areas to lay on but since you're interested in Livorno, I'll focus on that here:
all of the beaches will have their area that is free.
Some are smaller than others, so if you're here in the summer, just know that the free areas are the most crowded ones. The best plan of action to get a good spot is to get to the beaches early enough (the popular time is by 8am) and any part of the beach you see free of bagni umbrellas is considered "free". Look around you and follow the Italians, where you see other people walking to with their umbrellas, fold out chairs and tote bags in hand indicates where the free areas are. If you're early there, you can grab a spot right by the waves, if you arrive later you might find space further back.... all while having the bagni as neighbors a few feet away!