Accommodation availability


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We're heading to Italy from Australia for 3 months next year (April to July 2016). Just wondeting whether we need to book accommodation (either hotels/apartments/villas) or whether availability is pretty good considering it is prior to peak season? Any advise would be appreciated.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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It isn't peak season but it is still prime time between Easter and peak, when temps are perfect and lots of people start coming over. Since I don't think you'll spend the 3 months at the same spot, I would still suggest to plan your weeks and set up an itinerary of where you'd like to stay, especially if you intend to use a place for a base for 2 weeks or so. Many places will start giving out days or weeks here and there, so if you want to stay at one spot for continuous time, it would make sense to contact them early and book!

For myself, I consider April-June the best months to come, for the very same reason you cite: avoiding peak season ;)