Accommodation help for sexagenarian newlyweds


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Any suggestions out there for a special honeymoon B & B in Florence city center? We will be arriving in mid October for 10 days. I have been to Firenze before (long ago), but my soon-to-be-bride has not. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Congrats on the upcoming wedding and honeymoon in Italy! you'll both love it, it is perfect for romance :)

There are many places perfect for a honeymoon in central Florence, the question is whether for 10 days you'd prefer to have just a room with breakfast or would actually also like to have a small kitchenette to use during your stay?

For example, an apartment such as these are very central, beautiful and romantic and would give you the kitchen to sometimes stay in and not eat out all of the time... as well as additional privacy.

Then there are also really special and small B&Bs that would be perfect but there is no kitchen, you're in close touch with the owner as well:

But the ideal one might be this one: right in Piazza della Signoria to one side of the Palazzo Vecchio so therefore with extraordinary views (contact directly to ask for a room with a view!) which has both rooms and small apartments that have a kitchenette:

What do you think? Need more specific suggestions? If you tell me what you prefer, I can offer more ideas ;-)