Accommodation in Florence for 6 months starting October 2014

Garima Roy

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My name is Garima. I will be studying at Instituto Michelangelo for a period of six months starting this october. I am looking for cheapest accommodation options available, preferably a single room with basic amenities. My budget is about 800 to 1000 euros per month. And I will be glad if I can find something around Via Ghibellina.

Dare una mano.


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Ciao Garima,

Accommodation for a few months is tricky here in Florence, as it is no longer short term but it isn't for yearly contracts. There are owners who do rent directly but so many choose to use agencies to rent for these longer terms. Many of the schools and universities here use agencies to help their students find lodging, often in shared apartments... then there are also all of the Italian students themselves who rent out apartments and usually will share expenses with roommates.

I'd suggest you start by looking at the ones on here:
there's one agency in there called Pitcher and Flaccomio. They do specialize in rentals for longer stays but tend to be very nice places, so might be out of your budget - but it doesn't hurt to try!

For the Italian market, there are many other agencies who put classifieds on sites such as and - but they tend to be apartments that require a 4 year contract. So really do start with the listings on the page above, they are direct with owners so even if it might seem like they are not open for longer terms, you could still contact them and see..... good luck!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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That's great! Just to know, did you end up using the help of an agency or the school to find something or were you able to deal directly with an owner?

I deleted your contact info from the original post, is that ok? that way the info can be of use for anyone else looking for similar info but your info doesn't stay on here.